8 Types Of Stares And Their Meaning

This are different 8 types of stares and their meanings 1. The OMG StareShe just stares at you. Let's say from far away and she doesn't smile at

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This are different 8 types of stares and their meanings 

1. The OMG Stare

She just stares at you. Let’s say from far away and she doesn’t smile at all. She just stares…stares…and stares. No smiles, no waving, nothing. You don’t know if she wants to kill you or date you….or both.
But in most cases it is probably the latter.
2. The “I AM SO BORED” Stare

She’s bored so don’t think she’s staring at you. She’s probably wondering who to text next, what shoes to buy and why life has become so boring. Probably because you exist, she wonders. Everything is boring to her. You don’t need to crack your head so much about this stare because soon enough she will tell you she is bored!

If you see this stare, do yourself a favour and avoid eye contact as fast as possible. It just takes a smile and she will scream at you and say, “You men are all the same. Bastards! Scum! All you care about is sex…sex…sex!”
Whatever the reason, I repeat, avoid eye contact at all costs. Then pull on your shoes and run as fast as your legs can carry you!
4. The “Can You Disappear For A Moment Please?” kind of stare

Most times you get this stare when you approach her with her friends. Hands will be folded and she will stare at you with head slightly tilted down to look up at you with cocked brows and pupils pushed upwards.

This is the stare of…”I will never be into you in a million years. Not even if you are the last man on this planet. Date? Relationship? Sex? Don’t make me laugh. I am so BETTER than you. YES! BETTER! Bye!”

She’s sitting close to you, leaning forward and giving you the cute look. This girl is into you. She laughs at your lame jokes. Head a little down and tilted. That gorgeous smile to melt your steel heart.
What the hell are you waiting for? Stand up and go talking.
7. The “WHO IS HE?” Stare

The secret stare of confusion. She won’t look at you until you look somewhere else and then look back at you. This stare is usually the hardest to read. Very confusing and easily misunderstood.
You may think she likes you, but she’s probably wondering if you are carrying a gun.
8. The “CAN YOU HANDLE ME?” Stare

Here she’s interested but not sure you are a good fit for her. She knows what she is capably of and just wondering if you are any match for her level of skills. This is also called “The Bag Girl” Stare.
So there we go!
Which one of these stares have you gotten before?

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